Deadly Middle East Sandstorm Claims Lives, Shuts Schools And Businesses

An epic sandstorm clogging the air in the Middle East for several days has claimed several lives and forced schools and businesses in the region to close. In Lebanon alone, at least four people have died and up to 2,000 have been hospitalized for breathing problems, Al Jazeera reported, citing Lebanese health authorities. The country’s northern and eastern regions were the hardest hit. The Independent said Lebanese air traffic authorities described the Middle East sandstorm as “unprecedented.”

Windows 10 Three Weeks On: Market Share Growth Stops, Bugs, Flaws, And Privacy Concerns

Windows 10 took the computer industry by storm on July 31 with millions of people taking advantage of the operating system’s free upgrade offer from Microsoft’s previous Windows versions — Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Since then, Windows 10 has been receiving a confusing mix of praise and criticism, with some praising it for its new features and design, and others complaining about privacy issues, software bugs, and hardware incompatibility.

Alzheimer’s Disease Can Now Be Detected Earlier — Thanks To Saliva

Alzheimer’s disease may now be detected earlier on by performing tests on a very common bodily fluid — saliva — according to a new medical study. Medical Daily reports that the new study presented by researchers from the University of Alberta, during the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC), shows that “a simple saliva test” may predict the development of Alzheimer’s disease six years in advance.

Hangry? Science Says You Can Blame Your Body

Ever felt hangry? Well, science says you are perfectly normal. According to a Conversation article by Amanda Salis, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, as nutrients from that meal you had ages ago begin to dissipate from all the activity you performed all day, warning signals sound throughout your brain, sending your body to panic mode as it perceives this decline in nutrients as “life-threatening“ and causing you to feel hangry.

Mysterious Shipwreck Discovered Off North Carolina Coast May Be Centuries-Old

A mysterious shipwreck that may predate the American Civil War has been discovered off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina. A team of marine scientists working with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) were astonished to find a centuries-old shipwreck with all its cargo lying over 100 miles off the North Carolina Coast during an expedition on July 12. The mysterious shipwreck may date back to the American Revolutionary War. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the team, compos